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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EEG and Pediatric Neurologist Referrals

Before Austin fell we had already scheduled an appointment with the Pediatrician for a physical. We had hoped to get a referral to a neurologist to check out some of our concerns. Yesterday we kept that appointment. Austin seems to be recovering well, but the Doctor agreed that some of his symptoms should be evaluated further. The tingling in his legs, increased headaches, brief periods of confusion, dizziness, etc. are cause for concern. So his office is setting up appointments for another EEG and also to see a Pediatric Neurologist. I haven't heard yet when those appointments are going to be - the doctor's office will call when they are set up.

His main complaint right now is that his left ear feels like it is closing. It bothers me because that's the same side of his head the bleed was on. It doesn't hurt, just pressure. The doctor checked his ears yesterday and they looked fine. Austin had a little trouble with this yesterday but not enough that I remembered to mention it to the doctor.  It's worse today and really getting on his nerves.